Tutorial: Loading Gaussian G03 input files

Loading single-step input files

Loading multistep-step input files

Loading single-step input files

Select File->Open As->Gaussian G03 GJF in the Menu bar to load the Gaussian input file:

By default, program is looking for files with extensions gjf and com:

Select file and press "Open" button to load geometry into the editor:

Loading multistep-step input files

A single Gaussian input file may contain multiple jobs. In this case program informs user about multi-step file

and opens "Gaussian Input Editor" Dialog:

User can navigate through the steps using either combobox or two navigation buttons.

To visualize geometry of the current step one needs to press "Validate Geometry" button. A structure will be shown in the Main Window.

After selecting a desired step press confirmation button which will close "Gaussian Input Editor" Dialog

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