Tutorial: Creating Custom 3D Views in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

Another important feature of the PDF-integrated 3D models is custom 3D views. After activation of the 3D model, the list of all available views for the 3D model appears in the Views menu on the 3D toolbar and in the View pane of the Model Tree. Views help readers to navigate quickly the 3D content (such as top, bottom, left, right, inside, outside, etc.).

You can also create additional views of the 3D model in Acrobat that let you quickly navigate the 3D content as you want (such as top, bottom, left, right, inside, outside, exploded, or assembled). A view can include lighting, camera position, rendering mode, the Model Tree state, and transparency and cross section settings. Custom views can include precise camera properties.

To create a custom 3D view

1) Click the picture with the Hand or Select tool to activate the 3D model.

2) Use the Rotate, Pan, and Zoom tools in the 3D toolbar to change the view.

In the Model Tree panel click the Create View icon

  • In the View Properties dialog box, select the display settings to include in the view.
  • Properties that are not selected use the settings that were last displayed. For example, if Background Color is not selected, the background color of the view remains the same as the background that was previously displayed.

    The view is listed as NewView in the View pane of the Model Tree. Select it to rename it.

  • Here is the final 3D PDF document.

    Use these methods to change the view:

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