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Atom Color Scheme Choice of atom color scheme
Scheme 2
Look & Feel The term "Look and feel" (L&F) refers to the visual appearance and physical behavior of GUI components. In very short terms, this means that application can appear as if it is native Windows, Mac OS X, GTK+, or Motif applications, or it can have a unique Java look and feel through the "Metal" package. Application can also provide a completely new user experience by implementing a totally unprecedented L&F. "Look & Feel" submenu shows a list of currently available L&Fs, so this list could be different for different platforms. Description of some L&Fs is presented below. See also examples.
Cross-platform Java look
Motif look
"Native" MS Windows look
Windows Classic
Windows classic look

Atom Color Scheme


Scheme 2:

Look & Feel (Examples)

Metal (cross-platform):



Windows Classic:

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