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Menu Item
Open As Open and parse an existing file
Gaussian G03 gjf
Open Gaussian input file
Gaussian G03 Output
Open Gaussian output file
Geometry from G03 cube Extract geometry from the Gaussian cube file
Gaussian G03 Fragment Open Gaussian fragment file (used by GaussView)
GAMESS input Open GAMESS or PC GAMESS input file
GAMESS output Open GAMESS or PC GAMESS output file
Mopac Input File Open Mopac input file
Mopac Output File Open Mopac output file
Mopac2002 Log File Open Mopac2002 log file
Tripos Mol2
Custom Jamberoo format
XMol XYZ File Open XMol XYZ File
MDL Molfile file Open MDL Molfile file
Gromacs coordinate file Gromacs .gro file
Amber prmtop file Open Amber prmtop file
VASP poscar file Open VASP poscar file
QChem Input File Open QChem Input File
QChem Output File Open QChem Output File

Save as Saves the molecule currently loaded in the editor with a name you provide using a submenu of available molecular formats
Gaussian G03 gjf
Tripos Mol2

Exit Exit program

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